Very often struggles with food, eating, weight and shape are the external expression of more underlying suffering, or the “tip of the iceberg” so to speak. Together through the process of therapy we can explore what you might be experiencing under the surface – the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are keeping you locked in the cycle of your eating disorder. We can develop new ways of coping and help you to re-establish a life worth living beyond the eating disorder. Elements of treatment may include:

  • Psychoeducation

  • Motivation enhancement for treatment

  • Normalizing eating and symptom reduction

  • Body image and self-worth

  • Relapse prevention

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy-Enhanced (CBT-E)

This therapy is an evidence-based approach to eating disorder treatment, meaning that it is supported by the most up to date research. It is designed specifically for adults and adolescents struggling with eating disorders. It is primarily an individual process, but if you choose, we can invite others to be involved in your treatment so that we can help them to understand what you are struggling with and teach them what they can do to help support your recovery.